How to Get a Divorce in Michigan

how to get a divorce in michigan

You will need to learn how to get a divorce in Michigan. Even though it is the second largest state, it doesn’t mean that you should run to your local county courthouse and marry Mr. Big because he is sure to help you out. There are different levels of divorce and depending on the state you are in, there may be a new state law that has just been passed or the laws may be slightly different from what you’re used to.

The first thing that you will need to learn how to get a divorce in Michigan is that there are no prenuptial agreements. There is no reason to enter into a prenuptial agreement because there are no prenuptial agreements and if you have children, you are better off without them.

If you want to get a divorce in Michigan then you will need to prove that your spouse was married before by getting a marriage license. This is done through your local county clerk and you can pick it up at any time during business hours.

The only problem with getting a marriage license is that the clerk may not be able to process your request in a timely manner. Therefore, you will need to ask a friend or relative who works at the county clerk’s office to take care of this for you.

Once you have the divorce process started then you can go ahead and schedule your meeting with your lawyer. Your lawyer will help you make sure that your needs are met and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

In most cases, it is easier to get legal divorces in Michigan but there are certain states that prefer people do it themselves so they can save money. There are legal methods of getting a divorce and if you aren’t sure which method you should use, the best advice is to consult with your lawyer.

Another thing to remember is that, if you are married and have minor children and are trying to get a divorce, there is a presumption that your spouse is married. So, the spouse’s marital status will be considered by the court.

So, don’t try to get a divorce by yourself. If you really want to get a divorce, then you should seek a divorce lawyer because you can protect yourself and the children.

If you don’t have a marriage license and you and your spouse can’t get the divorce in a timely manner, then you can hire a mediator. A mediator will be able to work with you and your spouse and come up with a fair resolution.

After the mediation you will have to sign a divorce decree that states what your division of assets and debts will be based on the state law. The judge will then give you both a copy of the order and be sure that you both sign it and then sign it in front of the judge.

You will have to wait about a month after the mediation before you can go ahead and get a marriage license. It is actually illegal for you to apply for a marriage license before the court.

If you happen to get married before the courts in Michigan allow it, then you are in big trouble. The exception to this rule is if you got a divorce in Michigan after the marriage license was issued.